an absurd story to start off everything

hmm… i think i was in primary 6 when this happened… me being a loner as usual (of course i had zero friends during my primary school days) when someone (i am gonna guess that the person is a primary 4 kid or maybe older) approached me outside the multi purpose hall as i was walking past the hall minding my own business. at first sight, i thought that james (i think i should invent a name for the antagonist of this story to respect him instead of addressing him as he throughout the story. i seriously don’t know why i am always so considerate to people that hurt me throughout the first 12 years of my life) was quite a friendly kid. right after this thought, he suddenly approached me and asked me for my name. of course being the nice kid that i was, i replied to his question. this was when things started to turn weird. he asked me what my Chinese name was (which was already freaky for me at that time as no one had ever asked me such a weird a** question in my 11 years of living). so of course i replied to his question (i should totally give my young self a tight slap for not being able to retain information).

this is where the story gets even weirder. i am walking around the school like a loner (as usual) and whenever i looked behind me, james was there 80% of the time (i swear to god i should have sensed that something was wrong but of course me being an i**** i just shrugged it off like nobody’s business). i guess it was after a week? i was going down a flight of stairs (a desolated staircase that nobody ever uses except when classes are dismissed from the parade square after assembly in the morning. why did i not value my life at all? omg young dan i am so disappointed in you) where suddenly, james dashed down the staircase and confronted me (confronted cause me being the i**** i was, i could finally sense that something was wrong). i asked him why he wanted to talk to me (of course me being an i**** again, i could have thought of something else to start the conversation). of course i don’t know why but he started to ask me for my chinese name AGAIN (omg i should have just ran off). of course young dan sensing that there was danger, he was shivering and did not want to answer his weird question which was answered a week ago. then, there was a LOUD BAM! before young dan knew it, james’ fist (i am totally not gonna remember which side it was) struck young dan’s belly (or stomach? whatever just use whatever word that you want. you get the rough idea of the location). of course normal reaction, young dan fell back and was squirming in pain and the assaulter (aka F****** JAMES) ran off. of course i kept this whole incident to myself (out of fear that people would laugh and crush my already frail/fragile small/tiny young heart at that point in time) but obviously the whole incident got out of me within a few months (remember that i cannot retain any information?) and it was too late for any justice to be delivered.

OH YES! i have more to add on! a month after the whole incident (before the incident was exposed to others), me being the nice kid that wanted more sleep but did not want to reject my parents’ request for me to have breakfast with my huge family proved to be fruitful but embarrassing to myself. after having my breakfast, i was walking around with some of my family members (including my parents duh) when i saw a familiar figure. OH IT IS F****** JAMES (of course i am not so explicit at that point in time but of course i was fuming in anger at that point in time)! i thought that i wanted to make my facebook friends hate him (of course me being evil for the first time and having a facebook account illegally according to the terms and conditions of facebook). i immediately took out my phone (DO NOT ASK WHY I HAVE A SMARTPHONE AND A 3G PLAN AT SUCH A YOUNG AGE) and snapped few pictures of james. of course me wanting to be very ‘evil’, i immediately posted the pictures to facebook with the caption: LOOK THIS WAS THE GUY THAT PUNCHED ME FOR NOT ANSWERING WHEN HE ASKED FOR MY CHINESE (omg don’t ask me why the caption was incomplete, most probably facebook limiting the amount of characters that i could include in a post at that given time. AND YES THAT WAS THE CAPTION THAT I USED AT THAT POINT IN TIME PLEASE LAUGH AT YOUNG DAN FOR HIS LACK OF INTELLIGENCE). i guess i revealed the incident to my friends myself (good job young dan you totally made your friends hate james).

in the end, what did i get out of my petty revenge? embarrassment cause i did not check the caption of the post (of course i check and double check and triple check all of my captions now in fear of the same f****** mistake happening again) and left it on facebook for like 3 hours before i realised the ‘huge’ mistake that i committed (and some of my primary school friends left likes on the post. it was damn embarrassing). obviously the point in me sharing this story is to ask people to not carry out revenge when their brain is not functioning properly at the exact period of time after being offended cause array of emotions would be in the person’s mind, which will most probably lead to something that is unexpected to happen during the revenge, hindering the success of the revenge. of course, being benevolent is the easiest way out of the whole drama that causes you to be offended (cue my parents nagging for me to not be petty, 不要心胸狭窄. i hope that i did my chinese teachers proud yay!), but of course most people are going to take the difficult way out which is to hold a grudge against the person/people that wronged you. i am not in any position to give any advice to people with regards to whether to take revenge anot, but i can testify that being benevolent is definitely the best way out of the drama 99% of the time (of course i have not mastered the art of being benevolent yet).

i have a premeditation that this first story is gonna embarrass me badly but who cares (even if i am cringing as i type this whole story out) cause it has a take-away for people that would read my experience.

til the next post –dan

Never appear to be vulnerable to others. It presents opportunities for other people to hurt you. -some random quote that i created

p.s. if my essay topic was free writing in any way during o level english paper 1, i think i would get an A1 for the rich content that i provided in this story…

side note, to all the james in the world, i am not referring to you in any way cause the antagonist’s name is definitely not james it is just a descriptive name.

comments: thank god that i did not get murdered, totally cause if he was ok to resort to violence, i seriously do not know if he was an actual psychopath that actually wanted my life.



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