pranks and apologies!

with the continuation of the previous story, i would like to talk about another incident that came to my mind: a prank!

this incident occurred when i was secondary 2 (yes i know that i am old enough to not be subjected to pranks but it still happened) during curriculum time.

let me give you some context to the story, so you would understand the story better. during lessons in my lower secondary life, i would tend to sleep in lessons (maybe just a little bit?) and it can be due to various reasons: of course more than 3 but i will just list 3.

  1. the teacher that is teaching during the period is way too boring (the most common reason cause most curriculum stuff are boring and not to my liking, which explains my lower secondary grades. i cut that habit since secondary 3, although history and social studies are a total exception).
  2. i am exhausted (which is totally true during my upper secondary life).
  3. the lesson is totally unnecessary cause my teachers are teaching things that i already know (aka moral values, being kind on the internet which i already am unless if I am triggered by something). this reason only applies if i am tired and if i have no homework at all.

of course, my classmates do know about this as well. so one fine day, there was a lesson where the third reason applied. so my head was just on my palm as my elbow was supported by my desk as the teacher was talking about some random issue. suddenly, i heard someone said: class stand. of course, it is normal reaction for me to just stand and greet my teachers before the lesson end (standard procedures duh) before leaving school. however, when i stood up, i realised that i was the only one that was standing (if you are going to ask me why i was not observant, i should remind you that i am sleeping so my eyes was closed until the moment i was standing). instantaneously, there was an eruption of laughter. of course i then know that it was a prank and that the lesson has not ended yet. so of course me being me, i of course erupted with anger but i stopped almost immediately cause it would have reflected badly on me. in the end, i just stomped out of my class without any interaction with my classmates (duh of course they tried to talk to me). i think it took almost forever before my mood was restored.

if it helps with the story development, i still do not know who carried out the prank, even after 2 years.

hence, i would like to end the story here. hope you enjoyed the story!

til the next post –dan

p.s. if the culprit is who i think it is, i will firstly like to apologise for what i did during the level camp in secondary 1. it was really bonkers for me to do that and i know that i should have just been honest with ms f and just said that i did not know anything instead of being a fake witness and accusing you of saying any form of vulgarity during the second day of the camp. it is alright for you to hate me, cause i definitely deserved it for causing so much harm to you. i also realised that just a simple sentence is enough to ruin a person so much. thank you for telling me that.


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