i am pretty sure that most people are not new to chatting with strangers online cause most people tend to find friends/chat buddies onine, which is a good thing cause it connects the world and diversifys it.

however at the same time, i had many experiences to say that it is not a bed of roses when finding new people on the internet. for example, you will get f***boys, racists and blah blah. it is definitely difficult to find someone that you can trust and talk to on the internet because after spending two years on the internet having spoken to over 100s of people, i am sad to say that less than 5 of the conversation actually works out.

so. i will pull in some experiences that I went through and maybe someone can laugh at my mistakes!

the first experience was kinda nice i guess… we met on a random chatting app and he seemed to be someone who was genuine, so we kinda became chat buddies. we talked about relationships (if I can remember i think he was in a relationship), life in general and basic stuff. however, after about say 3 months, he became distressed cause the girl that he liked was going through tough times and he kinda shared the story with me. of course, i tried my best to listen and offer him some advice. then, things got awry when he did not really talked with me ever since he shared with me about the girl that she liked. well, i tried to revive the conversation but to no avail. seriously to be honest, i still do not know what went wrong and yeah.

the second experience was kinda mindblowing to me… cause i actually met someone whom i could possibly speak my mind to. we met on a random chatting app (again) and he was really genuine so we decided to become chat buddies. we kinda shared our lives with each other and yup, we listened to each other when in trouble and try to give some advice to each other (if not, being a listening ear helps too.). well… we meet up when we are free and we still have a chat every now and then up til today (which is already more than 1.5 years). seriously tho, it is difficult to find someone who is genuine about talking to a random stranger on the internet and befriending him afterwards so… this told me that if i placed my mind to it, i could actually find someone to chat with and befriend on the internet cause it is definitely possible.

so. the third experience was kinda a s**** up on my part (it must not come as a surprise that i f*** up all the time whenever i chat with someone). so long story short, i befriended a guy that is in jc through an ad that i saw on the internet. well, we kinda connected a little (i guess? i hope so?) and we chatted about quite a bit of stuff. the special part of this experience is that i kinda felt like i could connect with this person emotionally and like talk with this person a lot cause he kinda understood me and allowed me to be open with my opinions. however, it was just one fine day where i stumbled across an ad that was released by him. needless to say, i was kinda surprised that he would release such an ad so i went to ask him about it. of course, he said that he released the ad and we kinda chatted a lot because of the ad. i guess i kinda pushed the limits and he got very annoyed (which i think is a normal reaction). then of course, i apologised to him and he went to study. well… i am sure that he is still angry and that he might cut the conversation with me anytime soon (the topic that we talked about was very sensitive so…). so in summation, it is my fault for bringing up things that people do not want to mention again cause it may be very sensitive.

the last experience that i want to share is actually a miracle (i guess). we met on twitter when we were replying to the same tweet about a o level paper that was in the morning. so… i followed her on twitter cause she had a very good sense of humour and she seemed very nice (and she followed me back). fast forward to after o levels, she tweeted about her computer being slow and i replied to her tweet to ask her to clear up her hdd as it may potentially help her and i asked her about her computer specs. she replied and i kinda helped her (with my kinda meagre knowledge on technology as compared to the pros out there) and solved her problem. then, we kinda started a conversation and took it further. we chatted about idols, drama, life, backstabbing and more. we also helped each other when we needed advice and a listening ear so we connected. well, this proves that we can make new friends anywhere (and man she is so creative!).

to people that live on the internet, it is definitely possible to connect with other people that are on the internet and who knows? maybe you can make lifelong friends that will come to your rescue when you need help. however, these are some things to NEVER do when you do not know the person too well.

  1. do not talk about sensitive topics (leave that to after you know the person better).
  2. never blue tick someone (or any equivalent reply) cause it is RUDE for someone to do so and it shows that you are uninterested in the conversation (disclaimers: some people actually blue tick cause they have no time to reply and they forget to do so. so analyse the situation).
  3. never be annoying and send too much texts. compile what you want to get across in one message (this will make the person very annoyed).
  4. check if the person is a real person (maybe ask for the person’s social media?).
  5. never judge other people (you do not have any rights to do so).

by this time, i am pretty sure that people are scared off by me cause i practise number 4 all the time. well… just know that i am not a stalker and i am just trying to verify that you are a real person.

this post has been in my mind for a long time but i was just not triggered enough to write it.

well… i am writing this to make sure that anyone who reads this will not s**** up like me and that they will be able to find good friends on the internet!

til the next post -dan

p.s. i am physically, mentally and emotionally drained to meet new people on the internet. it is just too difficult for me to determine my next choice of words.

for the person related to example 3, i just wanna apologise again. i really hope that we can continue our convo but i do not blame you if you wanna cut the convo with me.

update: only 2 convos work out now. i am done with roaming on the internet looking for people to chat with.


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