i have a feeling that i will laugh very hard while typing this…

so. i finally found some time to unwillingly go to school to get my sgc. it was troublesome but worth the laugh.

let me explain. before the sgc is prepared (i don’t know when they would print the testimonial and blah blah but most probably after o levels i guess?), my school teachers (teachers in charge of my class) would type out a testimonial for each student based on their achievements throughout their 4 years in secondary school. after that, the student will check the testimonial and the testimonial will be confirmed.

ok. so of course i checked my testimonial before o levels (duh) and i found it quite ok. so i did not bother about it and went to take my papers a few months later.

so. when my results came out, i was quite happy with it and was fine with everything, UNTIL i went to get my sgc and saw my testimonial again.

to benchmark his abilities against others, … (unsw stuff and blah blah)

when i read it, i laughed out loud (most probably due to my low self esteem or society’s high requirements) cause i imagined my future employer reaction (which is to laugh instantaneously if they get the relation) reading my testimonial after looking at my o level results. thanks to the people involved in my testimonial. i really appreciate the help.

all jokes aside. i should most probably work hard (cause it is difficult to enter university through the poly route) and try to prevent such things from ever happening again. seriously, it is embarrassing.

self reflection done.

til the next post -dan

p.s. i still cannot get over my testimonial. it just became a huge joke.


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