chats! (part 2)

so, this experience is an addition to one of my previous post, chats!
ok cue experience 5!
so, i met this person on an advertisement site where he responded to my advertisement.
side story: i wanted to kill some time by chatting with random people on the internet so i placed out an advertisement seeking for people to chat with.
of course the conversation went a little like this
guy: hi!
me: hi! do you mind introducing yourself before we proceed on with chatting? maybe you can provide your contact details so that we can chat on other social platforms. (i asked him to introduce himself cause i made a small introduction in the advertisement. besides, i should know more about the person before chatting with the person.).
ok, so we decided to continue on chatting and i don’t know how but we touched on the topic of social media (aka instagram). so we exchanged our instagram usernames and went to check out each others’ instagram page.
lets pause the story here. i have to provide more backstory before i can continue the story.
so a few hours before the moment where i exchanged my instagram username with the person i was chatting with, i was watching it gets worse by shane dawson on youtube and of course, it was kinda horrific and bloody but i enjoyed every moment of the short film (cause i found it more humorous as i watched it) until i decided to show snippets of the film on my instagram story (and i freaked out some of my aquaintances so meh).
with the backstory, i am pretty sure that you can predict how the person i chatted with reacted. he vanished (not really vanished but you will get me) and i could not contact him at all (as i realised that he saw the story as well so meh).
so we never communicated ever again so yay another botched attempt for me to make new friends!
so… never really rely on the internet too much to make new friends (you might end up meeting judgemental people that will shun you. oh well, most people shun me in real life so i am used to it happening all the time on the internet as well.).
i hope that this experience hopefully made someone laugh. what are some of your botched/f***ed up chatting experiences? do share (if you had a positive experience chatting with a stranger you can also share it as well so i can regain some faith in myself HAHA)!
til the next post -dan
p.s. he is taking o levels this year so all the best to him. he most probably thought that i was a psychopath after looking at my instagram story so meh it is all my fault for scaring him. sorry!


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