a fight with my coffee machine

omg up til this day i still don’t know how or why the incident occurred (most probably because i cause the items that i use to malfunction most of the time and i don’t know why to be honest HAHA)

ok, so four months ago (in december i guess?), my fam bought a coffee machine that relied on capsules to make the drink of the consumer’s choice (you must have the capsules duh).

fast forward a week, everything was doing fine and the drink were churning out fine until one fine day, the coffee machine decided to s**** on me and decided to malfunction (even when i followed the instruction manual closely). so, of course, i went to find the hotline of the company that manufactured the coffee machine and gave them a call.

of course, i had the thoughts that everything is going to be fine (duh cause the customer service is obviously going to help with my issue) until the moment i spoke on the hotline. of course, the first person that i talked to on the hotline was nice and tried to help. however, before he/she (aiyah so long already cannot remember the gender) could help me with my issue, he/she needed to know whether if i own type one/two machine (of course i did not know that there are two types of machines produced by the company). so after fiddling around with the machine for some time, i managed to find the type of the machine. then, the person told me that i would have to call another number for enquiries with regards to the type of machine that i had.

ok, second phone call. this time, a lady answered the call and when i explained to her the situation that i was in, she was repeating to me that she only sells that type of coffee machine and that she has no solution to my issue. so i hung up the call on her and called the hotline again only to get back the same answer that i got. this was when i knew that the hotline is not gonna help at all.

my last resort is definitely google. hence, i went to the internet for help.

OH WAIT! did i tell you about the problem that i had with my coffee machine? apparently, the coffee machine could not dispense the drink that i wanted and when i tried to remove the capsule from the machine, i could not lift the lever (i don’t know what thats called) to access the capsule holder.

ok so after googling for about 5 minutes, i was already prepped with a few solutions to try to resolve the issue (surprisingly, the first solution worked). the solution was to yank on the lever until the locking mechanism (aka the lock on the capsule holder) releases to gain access to the capsule holder. apparently cause there was too much pressure built up in the capsule, i had to use that solution and it worked, only to cause a medium sized bang and a small chocolate fountain (nobody prepped me for that). so in the end, poor dan had to clean up the mess that he created.

totally my life. i should have just brought the machine down to the service centre but nah i am too lazy. this is what you get for being lazy.

til the next post -dan

p.s. the machine is still working well if you are wondering…


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