the story of a dog and a lady

**warning. the dog story has not been verified as i cannot find any sort of information related so if in any case, it may just be a fictional story. on a fateful day in may, i heard a story with regards to a dog that was in europe. apparently the owner of the dog was blind, and the dog was supposed to be by his side to guide him through the day. however, the owner realised that throughout the day, the dog was wimpering and the owner did not know why. in an effort to determine the reason to why the dog was wimpering, he somehow got his family members to install a camera on the dog and went out for the day with his dog. to the horror of his family, at the end of the day, they saw the footage that was recorded from the camera on the dog and found out that some people used their legs to nudge the dog or even landed some attacks on the dog physically, causing the dog to wimper.

after hearing the story, i may have acted nonchalant but deep down, my emotions were in random motion and i was about to have an emotional breakdown. it made me think: why are there such cruel people out there that cannot even empathise with someone and even dare to bother and hurt an innocent animal. (i will not even bother to curse cause why would i stoop down to their level.)

that question got me even deeper into the topic: why are people so inconsiderate and some even going to the extent of hurting someone, whether if it is physically or mentally? is it for fun? is it just for pure satisfaction or is it because they are sadistic beings that enjoy the suffering of their poor victims? i guess i will never know the answer and that i will eventually meet more of such people in the course of my life.

fast forward directly to the next day. i was on the train travelling to my destination and everything seemed fine until the moment where a lady collapsed on the train. immediately, before the lady landed on the ground, another person went forward to support her before laying her down with the help of other passengers. (i am gonna assume that the lady (that person is a lady) that helped had some first aid knowledge so…) the person that helped the lady started to examine and ask the lady some questions before asking for some sweets and water for the lady. thankfully, someone had a bag of eclipse and gave the lady a tablet and someone passed the lady a bottle of unopened mineral water. of course i was not able to help the lady and i guess that this mistake will haunt me for weeks for being a useless member of the society.

which got me to writing this stories. i used to think that the world was filled with evil people disguised as good willed people that will tear you apart soon after getting what they want from you (there are some actual incidents where someone will befriend someone with good grades just to pull down his/her grades. thank god that i do not have such people around me during my sec school days and that my friends are genuine angels and that no words can describe how awesome they are unlike some people that was in my life that totally ruined me mentally.). but now after witnessing a heartwarming incident (and of course being a useless member of the society), my perception has totally changed.

i just want to say that the random people out there that you will meet everyday, they may not necessarily be evil and that they will not eat you. the society does have a lot of self centred people but i am very sure that there is a huge percentage of people that are genuine and that they are absolutely good people and that they will do what they can just to help a random stranger to the fullest of their capabilities. have faith in the world.

honestly, to the people who treat animals like trash, please practise self torture.

stay optimistic about the world!



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