a very embarassing typical incident

hmm… i think i was really unlucky that this happened.

ok lets start. i was outside with a friend that was going to school (cause i am going to his school with him). so as we approached his school (we were walking obviously cause the major transport portion of the journey is over), i was approaching a part of the walkway where i have to lift my legs to a very high level (something like jumping or idk). so of course when i did it, my pants (which was a little small/tight or whatever you call that you get the rough idea) tore. and the extent of damage? it was a little huge cause the portion of my pants that was torn was just below the zipper. so i did not know how to react to my funny and yet embarrassing situation so i just resorted to laughing blankly. of course it attracted the attention of my friend, so i decided to tell him the situation and he advised me to go get some clothes!

of course, the nearest mall that i could think of that time was vivo city and harbourfront centre (and it was about half an hour away which is not so near if you think about it) so i decided to go there while my bag was covering my crotch area (thankfully i had my bag with me at that time). so after a long journey to harbourfront, i went to my fav clothing store directly (not fav by choice cause that store only sells pants that actually fit my waist size). so after loooooong time, i finally reached that store and went to browse their collections immediately. to make the whole situation even worse, they did not sell the pants that i wanted (and cause there was no sales, the pants that i could possibly only accept at that point in time was nearly 40 bucks which was crazily expensive since i do not even like the pants personally). so after walking travelling with my bag covering my crotch for about half an hour, i could not find a solution to my problem.

then, i went to ask my friends for advice after explaining my situation to them and they came up with a consensus that i should go and find another outlet of my fav store. so… i ended up travelling to bugis with my bag covering my crotch (duh) for at least 20 mins (to make matters worse, i had to stand on the train for the whole journey which was so uncomfortable). never mind.

after reaching bugis, i went to my fav store immediately and turns out that they did not have anything that i wanted too. of course, there are only two paths that i can take at this point in time:

  1. i can just go back home and change my pants (but it is a waste of time).
  2. i can find a place to sit and relax until i need to leave.

of course it is a no brainer that i picked the second path. thus, my whole day went past without any major issues.

needless to say, i threw away the pants if it helps. moral of the story? bring extra clothes (lightweight ones). they will save your life cause you will not know when this type of incidents will happen on you (but i am still taking chances).

hope you guys enjoyed the story!

不怕一万 就怕万一 -some random chinese quote that means that being prepared for something is better than being afraid of something (i hope my chinese is ok)

til the next post -dan


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