here comes a sad and salty student that did not do well for his national exams!

national exam 1: psle

the first time i actually tried hard at something would definitely be psle! although studying hard about a month before the first paper is not exactly the best idea, i was pretty sure that last minute hardwork will at least get me somewhere (cause when you are young and reckless, you tend to make crazy life decisions). haha when the results came back, i was pretty shocked and sad (i am in no way entitled to those feelings because of the fact that i did not study hard so yeah). in the end, all was good and i managed to get into a ‘good’ secondary school.

national exam 2: o levels (or gcse for better reference)

yay i have grown up abit! besides growing taller and s**t, i have 8 subjects to face at the end of 4 years! which is kinda the worst part because what i did for my o levels is that i actually started to study hard like one month before my first paper? do not roast me for my terrible idea i need a lot of time to enjoy and blah and yup things turned for the worse. coupling with me usually not being able to concentrate in normal lessons, i did not actually clarify my doubts (and trust me there was heaps of doubts for me at that time). turns out that it was the worst idea as my foundation for my subjects was terrible to begin with and everything started to snowball until one month before the snowball started to melt… slowly. hating 7/8 of the subjects that i have did not exactly help and yeah, i kinda screwed up. the results turned out to be the worst few and i barely scraped past the cut off for the course that i wanted to get into in a certain polytechnic, which was astonishingly shocking for me as i legitly thought that i had to retake my exams AGAIN.

currently: confused

because of my failed attempts at studying, i kinda do not have a strong faith in hardwork and came up with a little sentence:


100% hardwork will never result in complete success and it may fail you due to a certain factor, namely luck.

i certainly believe that luck is an indisputable factor when it comes to major events, and i have been proven right a few times.

lets have an example. there is a certain boy that studied for 4/5 topics for a history paper and the 1/5 that he did not study came out, resulting in him not completing the paper as he does not know how to craft the essay for submission. personally you would have a question: why don’t you study everything?

the answer to that would be overwhelming. for some people, it is difficult to take in huge heaps of information at the same time, especially when the person is running out of time, hence ‘betting’ on topics that may come out for a specific paper.

it is definitely advised for studying everything when it comes to exams but then if there are too much content for each subject, it is near to impossible unless if you start studying at the start of the year. hence, this is where your average constant studying habits come to play.

if you are studying in an environment where you are assessed continuously almost every week, the average constant studying method helps a lot! trust me, studying/consolidating your learning and clearing your doubts every week is a life saviour so yup, from my knowledge and experience, this is currently the best way to counter revision panic at the times of major exams. however, you would have to be prepared that this type of studying habits might make you antisocial so practise with care!

of course there are many studying tips out there too! take a short break every once and then when you are studying! it works out great for people with short attention span!

althought still salty, i will get over it eventually.



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