this wordpress is to document my (weird) life in writing coupled with some entertainment and creativity. there would be real life stories, fictional imaginative stories, tips and more! there would also be guest post writers that i may ask to help me with a post, so there is more fun in the posts that are available for you readers!

enough of the website intro. i shall introduce myself.

hi! i am dan(iel). i am gonna be 17 this year. i am considered to be very mean, sarcastic and brutally honest to most of the people that i live with. i love to take pictures although i totally suck at it (cue vsco cam pls). i listen to quite a lot of music (and have an ecentric taste to my choice of music) and i am kinda a tech geek so…

enough of introductions! get to know me through my blog posts!

p.s. i can get really explicit with my choice of words but i will censor out words that are not kid friendly.


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